The “Research Consultancy Office” of Apostolos Th. Tzirinis Geologist A.U.TH. was established in 1997 with the aim of making use of new developments in geological soils, hydro-geological, and environmental studies.

In its many years of experience the office has had an excellent collaboration with government agencies.

It has served multiply studies and reports for the private and public sector including:

> urban expansion plans

> well drilling

> irrigation networks

> road plan projects

> dams

> bridges

The “Research Consultancy Office” employs permanent professional staff and is in cooperation with established professionals in their field. We also work very closely with specialized scientific consultants in order to ensure reliable and accurate implementation of the proje.

  • Services to individuals

    The Geological Office of Apostle Tzirini provides services to individuals as drilling permits, legalizing water points, supervision of drilling boreholes, hydrogeological studies for subsurface disposal of treated effluent.

  • Photos

    Σεισμικό ρήγμα Καπαρελλίου. Κατοπτρική επιφάνεια ρήγματος (Χορτιάτης Θεσσαλονίκη). Αστοχία-5 Ρήγμα-Γκαμήλας Ρήγμα σε ασβεστόλιθους, λεπτοπλακώδεις με στρώσεις πυριτιολίθων. Ρήγμα-Ασβεστοχωρίου Γύψος Σχιστόλιθοι-Σιθωνίας Αστοχία-1 -2-e1461055936297 Εμφάνιση πισσάσφαλτου στην περιοχή της λίμνης Κερίου στη Ζάκυνθο. Ξύγκια