Environmental impact studies

In the field of environmental planning consultancy bureau “Apostolos Th. Tzirinis, Geology AUTH” preparing environmental studies (category 27). The Environmental Impact Studies (E.I.S.) needed to evaluate the environmental effects of proposed projects and activities are being prepared now in a stage simultaneously with the final design of the proposed project and approved by the Decentralized Administration or Ministry og Environment & Energy

Also, E.I.S. required in cases where a project needs to be updated, amended or extended depending on the extent of proposed changes to be issued and the corresponding E.I.S. The approval of an E.I.S., after consultation and publication of the study results in the decision approving the environmental conditions that must be met during construction and during operation of the proposed project.

The environmental conditions are valid for ten years and beyond, their renewal is required. For projects that do not result in significant effects on the environment, according to recent changes in environmental legislation (2011), there followed the process of environmental licensing, but the prospective investor receives from the Region of the Standard Environmental Commitments, which essentially simulating environmental conditions.

  • Services to individuals

    The Geological Office of Apostle Tzirini provides services to individuals as drilling permits, legalizing water points, supervision of drilling boreholes, hydrogeological studies for subsurface disposal of treated effluent.

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    Σεισμικό ρήγμα Καπαρελλίου. Κατοπτρική επιφάνεια ρήγματος (Χορτιάτης Θεσσαλονίκη). Αστοχία-5 Ρήγμα-Γκαμήλας Ρήγμα σε ασβεστόλιθους, λεπτοπλακώδεις με στρώσεις πυριτιολίθων. Ρήγμα-Ασβεστοχωρίου Γύψος Σχιστόλιθοι-Σιθωνίας Αστοχία-1 -2-e1461055936297 Εμφάνιση πισσάσφαλτου στην περιοχή της λίμνης Κερίου στη Ζάκυνθο. Ξύγκια