Submitted the final road Geological Study0

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Submitted the final road Geological Study on the inner peripheral Thessaloniki (part Hortiatis-Trinity).
The studied etching is part of the planned external ring road of Thessaloniki which connects the Via Egnatia (in the Titan) to the Macedonia airport, route Thermi – Galatista and the highway Thessaloniki – Moudanion (line 59).

Studies Submit Geological Suitability0

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As part of the Study of the General Urban Plan Municipality Oreokastro submitted the relevant Study Geological Suitability of Phase B1

Studies Submit Geological Suitability0

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The study Modify layout and Special Spatial Plans in the Municipality of. Propontidas submitted relevant studies Geological Suitability.


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Γεωλογική Οριζοντιογραφία.

Under the Framework Agreement on the “Elaboration of geological – geotechnical studies for the needs of” Egnatia Odos SA “(Principal Axis Vertical Axis, Works Infrastructure Thessaloniki and other needs) – Ref. Reference 5279 “: Presented study” Reconnaissance geological study in the “Override Igoumenitsa”.

Drilling region “Kalamaria” (West Chalkidiki)0

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Existing wells in the area of “Kalamaria” & Limit geothermal Eleochori – N. Tenedos.


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    The Geological Office of Apostle Tzirini provides services to individuals as drilling permits, legalizing water points, supervision of drilling boreholes, hydrogeological studies for subsurface disposal of treated effluent.

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    Σεισμικό ρήγμα Καπαρελλίου. Κατοπτρική επιφάνεια ρήγματος (Χορτιάτης Θεσσαλονίκη). Αστοχία-5 Ρήγμα-Γκαμήλας Ρήγμα σε ασβεστόλιθους, λεπτοπλακώδεις με στρώσεις πυριτιολίθων. Ρήγμα-Ασβεστοχωρίου Γύψος Σχιστόλιθοι-Σιθωνίας Αστοχία-1 -2-e1461055936297 Εμφάνιση πισσάσφαλτου στην περιοχή της λίμνης Κερίου στη Ζάκυνθο. Ξύγκια