Geological studies of technical projects

Geological studies in technical projects required in cases of:

  • Road Works (roads studies in each category) and Railways.
  • Engraving (including geological surveys and studies on the stability and bearing embankments and slopes of trenches and fitness products trenching excavation, borrow pits and quarries).
  • Technical and tunnels (including reinforced ground).
  • Landslides Retaining, improve foundation soil conditions and other geotechnical projects
  • Hydraulic Works (including dams, reservoirs, rivers and streams arrangements, networks, pipelines, canals, etc.).
  • Port Projects, Coastal Protection Projects, Platforms
  • Civil Works Airports
  • Landfills
  • Services to individuals

    The Geological Office of Apostle Tzirini provides services to individuals as drilling permits, legalizing water points, supervision of drilling boreholes, hydrogeological studies for subsurface disposal of treated effluent.

  • Photos

    Σεισμικό ρήγμα Καπαρελλίου. Κατοπτρική επιφάνεια ρήγματος (Χορτιάτης Θεσσαλονίκη). Αστοχία-5 Ρήγμα-Γκαμήλας Ρήγμα σε ασβεστόλιθους, λεπτοπλακώδεις με στρώσεις πυριτιολίθων. Ρήγμα-Ασβεστοχωρίου Γύψος Σχιστόλιθοι-Σιθωνίας Αστοχία-1 -2-e1461055936297 Εμφάνιση πισσάσφαλτου στην περιοχή της λίμνης Κερίου στη Ζάκυνθο. Ξύγκια